Where did all the Men go?

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First it was Guyliner and men’s tights, now it’s a squaddie getting plastic surgery. Chris Mitchell, after leaving the Army and returning to civvy street, began to gain weight losing his ‘hunk’ status. Finding it tough to lose the chunk through conventional means he forked out for plastic surgery having liposuction and a (man) breast reduction. Chris tells the full story of his time at the plastic surgeons over at Rex Features.

Though Chris is obviously happier now after the surgery I’m really unconvinced about plastic surgery unless backed up by a medical condition, it seems to me like men’s make up and tights, a step too far. Be proud of your beer belly, imagine how much money you spent creating it. It’s your right to smell a little off from time to time. Grow your body hair loud and proud because shaving it makes you look like a child.

Please don’t leave it up to the likes of me to uphold the principles of being a man, because it’s going to be a dark, dark day when I am considered manly.Tell us what you guys think of plastic surgery and how do you girls like your men; a little rough around the edges or polished like a dainty ornament.

Check out more pictures of Chris and the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures for men after the jump.

[Images: Jeremy Durkin / Rex Features]

Here is the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures for men according to The Harley Medical Group:

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Male Chest Reduction

Fat Removal (Liposuction)

Face/Neck Lift

Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)