Want all the gear, but have no idea?

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Do you have thousands of pounds or dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Do you also feel it is time for a complete wardrobe change? But do you have no clue about what’s hot or not in the fast paced world of fashion? Well then it’s your lucky day because those bloody helpful chaps over at men.style.com have gotten “14 of menswear’s top tastemakers [to] name their favourite pieces of the season”. As if this wasn’t enough I’m here on hand naming my top 3 picks from the list, so click through on the jump to see how badly I lack any imagination.

The list is extensive with around 80 pieces so if you don’t have the time to sift through all that or you simply can’t be bothered then I have narrowed it down to my top 3.


This plaid shirt by Oak is freaking awesome, the colours are good, the plaid is good and the cut is bloody good, if I had any money what so ever I would spend $170 of it on this shirt. Available from oaknyc.com.


Shocker of all shockers it’s another plaid shirt! This Sir Pendleton button down shirt is part of my campaign to bring grunge back, you know it’s coming so don’t try to fight it. Available for $100 from openingceremony.us.


OK, I’m sorry, I really do lack imagination. Just to reassure you I don’t think that all plaid shirts are nice, it just happens that there are 3 shirts on the list that happen to be plaid and happen to be very nice. This one is by Travata and is available from saksfithavenue.com for $155.

If you’re looking for something a little less plaid and a little less shirt then check out the full list here.