Pick of the Blogs: Michael Phelps and Anna Wintour, hair trends and Vogue Hommes Japan

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First Roger Federer, then Scott Avery and now Michael Phelps… Where does Wintour get the energy? [Haute Concept] Fashionising are so on the money with their hair predictions, the brushed forward look is like a less extreme quif, but as for the slickback, that’s one for the brave. [Style Salvage] Vogue Hommes Japan is out now, and it feature Nicola Formichetti-styled shoots, off to the newsie asap! [Danny Daily] Quiz time! How well do you know Dandyism.net? Well enough to get a 100 questions right? GO on test your knowledge! [Dandyism] Trying to resurrect the poloneck is no mean feat [I Luw Fashion]