Why So Serious DeNiro?- Oops, Wrong Film…

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deniropacino2.jpgMy bad! I may have the wrong film but I doubt such a slip-up would result in a look that miserable from Robert DeNiro? Might it be that he’s fed up with films? Maybe he (okay, clearly he) couldn’t be bothered to make the effort to dress up but my bet is that it’s standing next to Al Pacino who, as well as being an arguably equal competitor on the greatest actor front, actually looks pretty good!

Read on for pictures including 50 Cent as well as info about this cult-to-be film.

50cent.jpgAt 68, Pacino looks 20 years younger in a well cut-suit, garnet scarf and a set of rosary beads. DeNiro, on the other hand, looks a bit asleep and it honestly pains me to see the Taxi Driver-actor in such a shapeless jacket! The pair were at the New York premiere of their new film, ‘Righteous Kill.’ The film is the second time the incredible actors have joined forces in a movie.

‘Righteous Kill’
premieres in London on the 14th of September and includes 50 Cent, Carla Gugino and John Leguizamo (who played Toulouse Lautrec in Moulin Rouge!)

(Image Source: Marion Curtis/Rex Features, Henry Lamb/BE/ Rex Features)