Andre Benjamin talks about his life in fashion

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Andre 3000 with Estelle.jpgAndre 3000 was interviewed by Simon Mills recently in the Guardian talking about the fashion tribes at his school, his influences and dress sense as part of OutKast.

He’s obviously made his mark in the UK, where he indulges his love for the traditional as Hackett co-founder Jeremy Hackett explained:
“You might think that a rapper from the deep south of America might not be our typical customer,”

He added: “But the fact that Andre comes at our clothes from a different perspective, not burdened with any of the preconceptions about class and sartorial stereotypes that a British customer might have, means he looks at the clothes in a new and fresh way. He puts our stuff together in a way that we never imagined and he is totally fearless with colour combinations. He’s got a really good eye.”

Check out the link to read his wonderful descriptions of his classmates’ clothing: “The soul kids wore Jordache jeans cut at the bottom, Stan Smith sneakers, silk shirts and Starter jackets,” he says. “The preppy kids were from better homes and they could afford the preppy clothes. Tretorn tennis shoes, madras pants, Ralph Lauren polo shirts, mostly. They had the coolest girls and they had Volkswagen Rabbit [Golf] cars.”

It’s obvious he has had a lifelong passion for clothing and it sets him apart from the slew of celebrities promoting clothing lines.