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So LFW has been and gone and I can concentrate on my Brandish readers once more. Andrea sent me an email a couple of weeks ago asking for clearer sartorial guidance (and praising Will’s outfit picks). Well we’ll never tell you what to wear on Brandish but Andrea has beef with brown: “I know black shouldn’t be worn with brown, but what are the appropriate colours to match it with?”

I vaguely remember Charlie Porter saying teaming brown and black was a fashion faux-pas in his great Guardian Weekend column a few years ago but I disagree. As long as the brown is a rich russety shade it will look great, think of the colours in tortoiseshell and you can’t go wrong.

Black and brown can look awful, but that is only when it looks like you wanted to go for an all-black look but ran out and grabbed the first dark coloured item you could see. Ditto for navy, as long as you make sure the two colours don’t blend into each other team away.

Do you have any tips for wearing brown and black? Andrea also wants general colour guidance, so I’ll try to address that in the coming weeks. Send me an email at isabelle [at] with your tips, questions and just to have a chat. It helps if you mark your emails ‘Reader Request’ as I may have sent a couple to the big spam folder in the sky by accident, sorry!

Coming soon, are you over skinny jeans?

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