Product Review: Lab Series Ab Gel – cheat your way to a six pack, kinda.

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From our esteemed beauty site, Kiss and Makeup:

Not so long ago we told you about Ab Series for men, the male equivalent of cellulite cream. Well our Metrosexual Male decided to have a go, and here are his thought on the product. [Note to readers: He came up with above picture all on his own!]

‘Lab Series, just like every other men’s skincare producer, provides a comprehensive selection of men’s grooming products. However, being at the upper end of the price spectrum you would expect something a little bit different and a touch special. This Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel satisfies both these requirements and then some. [note – sea view not essential for effective for crunches].

Made from Soya Protein, Caffeine and Creatine, the gel is designed to smooth and tone around your six pack area. Surprisingly it actually works! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a miracle potion which will give you a six pack while you eat lard sandwiches, but it’s totally effective at achieving that transition between a flat stomach and making the front cover of men’s health.

After just a few applications my abdomen area was feeling tighter and after 4 weeks continued use that quarter inch layer a fat covering my abs has almost completely gone revealing much bigger and more toned abs then I ever realised were there

Having always found it hard to lose weight around my stomach, this gel has quickly become one of my favourite products ever as it’s an easy and effective way finally achieve the results you’ve expected from doing all those crunches. The only downside is the funny looks you get when vigorously rubbing it in to your abs after showering at the gym. But the smug feeling about how much more ripped your abs look compared theirs is compensation enough.

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