The season is a changing

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fall08.jpgAutumn is coming, the leaves are beginning to drop, the nights a drawing in and I’m retrieving my knocked off Burberry scarves (yes- scarves, three in fact: navy nova check, grey nova check and the classic beige nova check, don’t try to hide your jealousy) from the back of the wardrobe.

So what does this mean for us real folk who don’t go to the borders to paint the changing of the seasons? Well it means we go out and buy new outfits of course! Not everything lasts a year in fashion so don’t be relying on last years wardrobe to see you through this one- I feel a buying guide coming on- and here it is, the buying guide for Autumn 08. Like most buying guides from many of the pieces featured are expensive and unaccessible but there are cheaper alternatives out there and lets face it, it’s a buying guide not the gospel.

Jump through for my top 3 from the list.


Pictured: Filippa K pullover, $225, available at Achilles, Boston, MA, (617) 695-2257

Worthy alternatives: Ralph Lauren, Adidas Originals, J.Crew

The Cricket Jumper, keep it fitted for a Preppy look or over size it for Grunge- it’s coming back I shit thee not.


Pictured: Paul Smith spectacles, $315,

Worthy alternatives: Moscot, Selima Optique

Perhaps less use over here in the United of Kingdom, but good for driving- would look great with a pair or beige driving gloves.


Pictured: Bally suede belt, $140,

Worthy alternatives: Martin Dingman, J.Crew

I have a thing about belts, I think they are vital to tying a look together and getting a braided belt is vital to tying your Autumn together.