Essence by Porsche Design

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Kiss and Makeup get James Moody, their USA metrosexual to give his thoughts on Porsche’s foray into the fragrance market.

Essence by Porsche Design is a successful parlay into fragrance by the car manufacturer parent group. This cologne manages a duality of being remarkably fresh and sophisticated at the same time. Many colognes with a cool scent lack any substance and are tacky. This cologne impressed and is appropriate for any occasion exactly because its both clean and organic at the same time. It is sexy.

A fragrance chemist I know also once taught me that the quality of a cologne can be measured by how long lasting the scent is and how little one must use. This makes sense. If you and your clothes don’t smell good the day after a hot night out then don’t even bother. If a cologne requires you to fumigate yourself and the room you are in then don’t even bother. Quality is The Essence being fresh and sexy on every morning-after journey home I had. Quality means a little goes a long way making it worth any price you pay.

The bottle is unique and attractive for a man’s shelf. Frosted blue glass and black anodized aluminum siding compliment a refreshingly simple rectangular shape that is nice in the hand the way an iPod is. The bottle has no lids or tops and is dispensed from the incorporated, streamlined button at the top of the bottle.

Bottom line, impress yourself and everyone else with The Essence.

£52 for 80ml, £38 for 30ml at selected retailers.

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