Obama belt, the iPhone for your waist

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It has been a few weeks now since I last posted something Obama related, not that the fashion world hasn’t been punctuated almost daily with a new label pushing the Obama cause with some special edition T-shirt or sneaker- something that has been unheard of for any other Presidential Candidate. Could you really see Clinton’s face on the toe box of a Dunk? Neither can I, Monica Lewinsky’s box on the other hand… Ho-ho-ho, I jest. It has got to the stage now where you could have an entire weeks worth of wardrobe clad head to toe in top fashion brands bearing the visage of Barack.

Sadly we have been a little light on the accessories front, but not anymore! Now to keep your kecks up is the Obama buckle belt! Available in Silver, Gold and Platinum this bad boy will firstly stop trouser malfunctions, secondly show your in the know to this seasons hot stylings and thirdly state your political affiliations, it’s so multi functional it’s like an iPhone for your waist.

Get yourself one now from ObamaBelt.com a snip at $100!