Diesel’s Dirty Thirty jeans

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diesel dirty thirty jeans london store covent garden.jpg
The massive queue, deep in denim conversation.

As we arrived to Neal Street this morning the queue outside the Diesel shop snaked around Earlham Street and almost spilled out onto Seven Dials.
The fuss was for Diesel’s Dirty Thirty limited edition jeans, created to celebrate thirty years of diesel, modelled by Daisy Lowe and retailing for just £30 you can see why so many people turned up for the one-day only sale. 160 Diesel shops are taking part in the promotion, and we stopped to chat to the patient shoppers at the Covent Garden store.

Take a look at the gallery on Catwalk Queen.

diesel dirty thirty jeans london store covent garden queue shoppers.jpg
From left to right: Tim, Conrad and Jean-Pierre. Caffeine, excitment and dead inside!

When I spoke to these plucky chaps at the front of the queue I was expecting that they would have had an early start but I wasn’t expecting to hear they’d been there since 4am! Which explains Jean-Pierre’s ‘dead inside’ look (and the coffees.) They were planning on getting a pair of jeans for themselves and had kindly offered to get a pair for their girlfriends too. Angels!

diesel dirty thirty jeans london store covent garden queue shoppers red.jpg

Tom had been queueing for a mere hour (pathetic!) and he was a lot more ambivalent about the jeans. He told me he wasn’t sure if he was going to buy a pair and couldn’t even be bothered to buy a pair to sell on eBay.

So there you have it, dedicated, honest and kind shoppers out at Diesel this morning. Three cheers!