Jefferson Hack and Anouck Lepère check out Tracy Emin’s travelling chess set

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Jefferson Hack appeared in casual elegance with girlfriend Anouck Lepère at the launch of Tracy Emin’s travelling chess set. Hack sported a boat-neck jumper, dark jeans and livened up the outfit with brothel creepers and tartan socks in acid brights.

Commissioned by art company RS&A as part of a collection with fellow artists Barbara Kruger, Damien Hirst and Rachel Whiteread, Emin’s set is made of bronze pieces with a multicoloured board of quilted fabric that can be rolled up and placed inside an embroidered cloth bag. The British artist was inspired by her travels: “I used to play a lot of chess as a child,” she says, “but I stopped when I was about 10. The last time I played was in Africa in the middle of nowhere, so I like the idea of producing a travelling chess set.”