Larousse do fashion with ‘Le Petit Lagerfeld’


French reference book and national institution, Le Petit Larousse has chosen to feature our favourite, Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld as their cover image. The annual book containing a dictionary of commonly used words and an encyclopaedia of proper nouns (all in French obvs.) has in the past chosen cartoon legend Moebius aka Jean Giraud and fashion great Christian Lacroix to rest upon the cover, so it is no stretch to find Lagerfeld’s unforgettable visage on the dictionary.

I love the fact that the French do stuff like this, I also love the fact that the English don’t. Could you imagine looking at the Collins English Dictionary and have Alexander McQueen looking back at you? Thought not.

[Source: La MJC]
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Jonathan SmithLarousse do fashion with ‘Le Petit Lagerfeld’