Yay or Nay: High heels for men?

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The Sartorialist featured these two images of a young man wearing a jumpsuit and heels in one, and jeans and patent lace-up in the other.

Men in heels has become a slightly more common occurrence, on the streets of London anyway; I’m sure the sight of a man in stilettos would probably raise an eyebrow (and possibly a fist) in some of the UK’s more provincial towns.

I find it an unusual sight, not least because I hardly wear heels myself but I totally expect the sight of men in heels to become more and more commonplace. It’s interesting to note that even though on the left he is wearing more casual attire he is still carrying handbag, another traditionally female status symbol. It seems like power suits in the ’80s for women, style-conscious men are co-opting the symbols of female fashion for themselves.

What do you think, are heels the new skinny jeans? Take our poll after the cut!