EMI team up with Sainsbury’s to bring you song lyrics on clothes

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jackson five emi sainsburys.jpgEMI have signed a deal with Sainsbury‘s which will allow the retailer to manufacture clothes with lyrics owned by the record label.

This is the latest initiative under EMI’s Lyric brand which licenses posters, greetings cards and board games. Lyrics to ‘My Girl’, ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘ABC’ have all been earmarked for Sainsbury’s TU range which will appear on clothing collections for men, women and children.

Song lyrics have long been used and abused to awful passive-aggressive/attention seeking effect by people getting a little too into their Facebook statuses. I don’t know what specific lyrics EMI/Sainsbury’s plan to use but I can only breathe a sigh of relief that the Smiths lyrics (much as I love them) aren’t owned by EMI!