L’Occitan eau de toilette

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L’Occitane‘s (pronounced OK-SI-TAN) eau de toilette for men is supposed to be the distillation of Provence in the south-west of France, where the company is founded.

On the first spritz L’Occitan hits you with immediate top notes of black pepper that conceal citrus and resinous elements. Provence is ever-present in the pine and mentholated lavender middle notes which give it an old-timey medical feel. It loses its bite somewhat as the gritty black pepper gives way to muskier softer smells with a hint of honey.

Usually prefer a more persistent scent but it’s a very effective eau de toilette and leaves a subtle aura of scent which isn’t overpowering or chemical. On the whole I like it and I would wear this myself, it would be perfect for adding a bit of texture and depth to my Paul Smith Rose perfume.