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What’s your opinion on Ugg boots for men? Everytime I’ve seen a man sporting Uggs I’ve done a double take and then tittered to myself. I’m not a fan of Uggs for women, let alone Uggs for men. Ronnie Wood and Brad Pitt are some of the many male slebs pictured in Uggs and now apparently the US company is aiming their furry boot firmly in the direction of men.
An anonymous fashion editor was reported to have said: “They are a monstrosity. They are like glorified slippers. You may as well shuffle down the street in your pyjamas and a pair of incontinence pants.”

What do you think about men in Uggs? Take our poll after the jump or leave a comment on our Facebook Blog Network page!

[Source Image: Rex Features]

By admin | November 6th, 2008

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  • andy turner

    Why do people think its so wrong when men wear UGG BOOTS,???? Uggs come from Ozzei surfers from the 70s..the where originally mens boots!!!Get a grip people, when you have been in cold water for four hours there’s nothing better than a nice worm pair of uggs to put on..its not like your walking down the street in a pair of red high heels for goodness sake..