Kwame Boyce-Deacon gets first ever Barack Obama haircut

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Kwame Boyce Deacon barack obama haircut.jpg
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Kwame Boyce-Deacon is going to go down in history as the first person ever to get a Barack Obama haircut. The detailed do was the work of Clint Rainford, a barber from Montsho‘s hair salon in Leicester. Rainford said: “I knew at the start of the campaign that Obama would be voted president, so I kept a photo ready to do this”. The haircut features Barack Obama’s face and name and took 45 minutes to do which is a damn sight quicker and more appealing than your average salon do. 14-year-old Kwame Boyce-Deacon said: “He’s a really good role model and everybody is talking about him, I think he’ll do well in America”.

Hopefully Kwame’s haircut will inspire a sea of Obama-heads, maybe there could even be a presidential tableau, a family scene or a struggle for the flag with John McCain and Sarah Palin.

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