Reader Request: winter thermals pick

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This Reader Request comes from Sarah, for a chilly boyfriend with no central heating. Come winter time, in the words of TLC I ain’t too proud to beg (for thermals). M&S should be your first port of call, they have long johns, thermal socks and nifty cosy shirts which have masses of grandpa chic appeal. Fellow old-school retailer John Lewis is also unbeatable for some winter warmth.
Thermal tops and underwear are all great, but if the cold is really getting to you drown your sorrows with a handy Ace of Spades hip flask, I’m sure TLC would approve.

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Luxury winter check shirt, M&S: £35. Ace of Spades hip flask, £19.99. Solognac t-shirt, Décathlon: £20.95. Thermal socks, M&S: £10. Merino wool legging, £30.