Terry Richardson x Supreme

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supreme-terry-richardson-tshirts-1-540x532.jpg[Click image to enlarge]

These days you’ve not made it as a photographer unless you have your own collaboration and line of t-shirts with one of the many street fashion brands and Terry Richardson, not to be out done by the likes of Richard Kern is at it again with Supreme.

I have mixed feelings about Terry Rchardson, a lot of his photography is just amusing porn, which you can by no means hate him for though at the same time it’s nothing awe inspiring but then you stumble on something wonderful such as the image of Vincent Gallo dressed as Jesus- which is awesome. These tees unfortunately fall short of being amusing porn or Jesus costumes with only Terry’s signature on the back to differentiate them from something art students make in their spare time, i.e. the image is too small and they look plain cheap.

As collabs go this is pretty lame, however if you are a Terry fan then release details will be on their way soon!