Katy Perry joins David Beckham in Adidas Originals commercial

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From the genius mind of My Chemical Toilet’s Stuart:

If you’re anything like me, you’re an original. And you demonstrate your originality by wearing the same shoes as everyone else, right?

As cynical as I try to be about celeb/brand hook-ups, there’s a childish part of me that loves to see footage of a (fake) party that features Katy Perry (who appears to have taken to kissing herself instead of girls), Russell Simmons, Method Man and The Ting Tings getting down with David Beckham.

The spot is soundtracked by Madcon’s inescapable, insanely danceable “Begging You”, but if I’d been invited I’d still have spent the whole time skulking in the kitchen.

Check out the ad the Adidas Originals ad here.

[via Popdirt]