Keifer Sutherland on the Last EVER Issue of Men’s Vogue?

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0997130.jpgUsually, I like to write these magazine posts with as much information and detail as possible. I’m no stranger to the old hour of uploading just to give you the full low-down on that Dazed & Confused issue with “Tecktonick”dancer Kevin. The US Vogue ‘Superman’ issue with Tom Welling was packed with great pictures that were up on our beloved Brandish within hours of their release!

However, sometimes a hot story is worth posting even if the only information you have is a cover image…

We so far know that for this December/ January issue of Men’s Vogue, Keifer is shot by Norman Jean Roy and the issue should be released very soon despite not being up on the magazine’s site at the moment. It is also rumoured that this is the last issue of Men’s Vogue before it folds and is absorbed into US Vogue as a biannual supplement.

Enjoy the pic and look out for a full report in the days to come!

(Image Source: TFS)