Kiehls and American Apparel make winter sun shopping a doddle

Colin Chapman Grooming Leave a Comment

Off on a winter sun break? Picking up essentials for a trip at this time of year can be a shopping challenge as you try to locate that single dusty shelf of sun lotion amongst all the Christmas fare. With some clever choices, you can cut this down to a couple of visits.

First stop: Kielhls. Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF15 doubles up as a daily moisturiser whilst helping to protect your face from any UV damage. Their ultra-light Hair Conditioner and Grooming Formula can be used as a leave-in that stops your hair drying out and keeps that side parting in place. Burts Bee’s lip balm (John Lewis) is an essential and lasts forever.

Meanwhile, American Apparel stock swimming shorts all year long so you don’t have to risk poolside shame in those baggy nylon trunks from the remainders bin. Pick up a light scarf and cardi for cooler evenings and you’re all set.
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