Vans ICONoclast: Henry Rollins

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Henry Rollins
the man, the legend, the buzz cut has been named as one of Vans ICONOclasts along with other (but less awesome) icons; Lemmy Klimister, Stacy Peratta, Robert Williams, John Cardiel, Wes Humpston, Joel Tudor and Colette. This campaign from Vans is an insight into each of the ICONoclasts believes, who their icons are and what they think ICONoclast means. I’m not so fussed about what any of the other ‘Icons’ have to say, perhaps with the exception of Lemmy but I freaking love Henry Rollins, he’s smart, funny, build like a brick shit house and in this of climate quiffs and 1920’s heavy knit jerseys he is a man with a pair of clippers and a plain black t-shirt who can out cool you all, proving once again that cool doesn’t and isn’t try hard.

Though my enthusiasm wanes over certain ICONoclasts I have to say all these people have in some small way influenced popular culture and fashion so it’s well worth a read, even if you have no interest in any of these peeps or don’t even know who they are. Check the site out here, treat it as a reference point on how to think cool as well as look cool.