LOVE Magazine- The Masthead and the Madness!

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Giles Deacon

Fashionista is stating that Katie Grand’s new LOVE magazine (published by Condé Nast,) is a “beacon of hope for the dying magazine industry and its dwindling fashion counterpart.” Well, it may be a beacon of hope for the magazine industry but Grand and her brilliant team have decided to get a head start with a very low-key blog.

The masthead of the magazine was revealed today and a look through the blog revealed such gems as Giles Deacon posing with a pair of Scotch-Egg-Glasses (the ‘it’ accessory of next season?) and fashion editors Francesca Burns and Victoria Young with the likes of Simon Cowelland David Walliams! Who would have guessed that Mark Frith (of Heat and celeb scandal fame,) would be editorial consultant?

Enjoy all the behind-the-scenes pictures as well as the full masthead after the jump!


Victoria Young (left) and Francesca Burns (right) with Simon Cowell.


Victoria Young (left) and Francesca Burns (right) with David Walliams.

Editor-in-Chief: Katie Grand

Creative Director: Lee Swillingham

Creative Director: Stuart Spalding

Senior Editor: Murray Healy

Fashion Director: Victoria Young

Senior Fashion Editor: Tim Clifton-Green

Senior Fashion Editor-at-Large: Francesca Burns

Senior Contributing Fashion Editor: Joe McKenna

Senior Contributing Editor: Paul Flynn

Entertainment Editor: Greg Krelenstein for Starworks

Editorial Consultant: Mark Frith

Junior Editor: Joseph Mercier

Fashion Editor: Anders Thomsen

Fashion Editor: Phoebe Arnold

Fashion Editor: Kimi O’Neill

Junior Fashion Editor: Michelle Simkins

Associate Publisher: Amie Martin

Special Projects: Catherine Russell

Press & Publicity: Mandi Lennard Publicity Ltd

(Source: Fashionista)