Nooka Zon and Zoc

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A far cry from the traditional design of the Rolex Submariner, New York based watch brand Nooka has added a couple of new pieces to its Christmas 08 collection. Both pieces sporting interesting design features and high quality construction and materials. These watches are for the man who feels a traditional dial watch is beneath him, though I don’t know how well I’d fair at reading these with a skin full of Christmas Spirit.

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Both watches combine the familiar unorthodox style we’ve come to expect from the New York based brand. Its ZOC piece adds another look to their high-end collection with innovative design showcasing a genuine crocodile skin band. The ZOC is available in all four V-series faces, as well as the silver C-series, with an option of either a Black or Brown band, limited to 25 pieces produced in each style. Their ZON model displays Nooka’s newest and most luxurious timepiece to date. Entering a new realm, the ZON features a dual pixelated countdown and traditional numeric display, display contrast customization, and world time feature allowing the wearer to scroll through all 24 time zones with the click of a button. The ZON is offered in black or white with leather straps and a butterfly clasp, or mirror with stainless steel mesh straps.