Workwear boots: it’s Hard Times again ..

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Classic workwear boots are one of those trends that have been bubbling under for quite a while now with the potential to become a roaring must-have.

Recent Sartorialist posts only confirm this. The redheaded hipster on the right wears them with a certain knowing pride (and a perfect jeans tuck!) whilst the patched and beautifully battered pair (top left) that had Sart swooning last week will no doubt boost sales immeasurably. Redwings are the most classic option. So stylish and proper they’ve never actually gone away, just waited quietly to be taken note of again. Jump through to find out where you can get workwear boots in the UK.

American Classics is the place to buy in the UK: one of those London stores that’s so retro it’s positively futuristic. The store is in Endell Street just stone’s throw from Covent Garden. Their classic workboots are fairly pricey at around £140 but will last you a lifetime.

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