Burts Bees: the perfect stocking filler?

Colin Chapman Gifts, Grooming Leave a Comment


I mentioned Burts Bees in my winter sun post the other day. They’re a great man brand, and a perfect stocking filler idea. Clean fruity smells that are never too girly and that no-nonsense packaging with the Walt Whitman-esque bearded guy logo. Buy here from John Lewis or Wholefoods or, if you’ve got friends or relatives coming over from the States or Canada, beg space in their luggage. The also have an online store here.

Top tips UK-side: the orange facial cleanser is perfect for winter mornings as a wake me up. A bit like smearing your face with a zingy marmalade. Leaves a light residue on your skin after wiping the excess away that helps to protect from the elements without being greasy. It even tastes great!

I’ve already praised their never-ending lip balm but also worth mentioning is the super-hardworking hand salve. Go get.