Musical sartorialists of the year: 2008

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I mentioned Vampire Weekend by way of passing in my New York shopping post last week. Ezra Koenig and his fellow Brooklyn sartorialists definitely made their mark in 2008: corduroy, fishermen caps, IheartNY tees, deck shoes, bow ties, preppy colours… Dammit, even his name is cool.

Long a source of fashion inspiration, rock bands and fashion have always been like that. As we reach the year-end which other musicians have left their styleprint on the rock ‘n roll catwalk? Cut Copy did skinny to perfection and wore vintage just right. DJ Tiga (still) has the best haircut but my personal commendation for the year goes to Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules & Love Affair. Kim Ann is not only in one of the year’s coolest acts but pulls off retro-80s-earlyhousemusic-NewYorkness in a way which is very admirable. Great hair, great silhouettes, she even designs her own jewelry line. Why follow the rules of male fashionistes when there’s a sexy, amazing, boyish lesbian to aspire to?

Images sources: Ezra Koenig, Merry Swankster
Kim Ann Foxman,