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Like most things in fashion the popularity of glasses waxes and wains, right now it’s waxing- which is lucky for me, a closet speccy four eyes- thick rims and in particular Ray Bans are hot shit right now so much so that people with perfect 20 – 20 vision are donning pairs with clear glass lenses in. Now is the perfect time to announce some exclusive and pretty unaccessible frames for you to drool over, to the left is the Moscot Lemtosh frames in a whole new colourway, these frames have outlasted entire generations spanning pop culture from Buddy Holly to Johnny Depp and to the right is the latest collab between Stussy and Kotake Cyobei Saku, more contemporary than the Moscot this pair of the already proven Naomi frames takes a subtle edge with an all black rim.

Both these glasses are slated for release only in the east; the Moscot from Visual Culture in Hong Kong and the Stussy from their Harajuku store and their Japanese website from the 2nd and 3rd of January respectively, so if your heading that way in the new year then lucky you.

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[Via: Milk and Stussy]