Shake off the winter: more Spring fashion gazing

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If like me you’re bored, bored, bored of winter and want Spring right NOW then a bit of fashion forward investigation might just perk you up.

I mentioned soft tailoring and pleated shorts in my piece on the Acne/Lanvin collaboration the other day but what else does S/S 09 hold in store for us?

I’d say the much-threatened return of the bootcut silhouette is a given, but possibly incarnated as slinky slacks this time around (and definitely not as over-long raggedy jeans). And mentioning slinky .. there will be a definite bit of spangle around (beading details, lurex and metallics). A touch of English artistic whimsy (think David Hockney glasses) and lots of solid blocks of statement colour, demonstrating that sportswear is still a driver.

Now, the buyers and major players may get the pick of the next season’s pieces back at the summer shows, but us lesser mortals have to wait until the stores actually catch up, by which time you may well have forgotten what excited you. If you need reminding, top places to do some fashion gazing include Dazed Digital and this fantastic YouTube channel which has all the Summer menswear shows archived.

Sources: (L) Burberry SS09 (catwalk), (M) Blaaks/Dazed Digital, (R), Lanvin/Dazed Digital