Moustaches are here to stay!

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Facial hair, like formal dressing, shows no signs of losing fashion popularity anytime soon. There’s been a definite move though from full beard (though I don’t see those disappearing either) to statment moustache. What started out as a novelty item worn only by the genuine fashion freak or professional showman has started to edge towards the mainstream. In terms of the former, Issue 2 of Buck magazine featured Frederick Blood-Royale from the New York band Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man (and ex-beau of Peaches Geldoff) resplendently moustachioed. On a less extreme tip, Jude Law has kept his Sherlock Holmes tache post shoot, even on hols with Sadie, and looks great with it. Key to success are careful grooming and taking inspiration from past eras when a stylish, well shaped ‘tache madeth the man.

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