Dude! Grab your board and celebrate Stephen Sprouse

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What’s the betting that Kanye West wants one of these? He’ll probably get one too, but for us laypeeps these are a little out of our price range- pretty sweet though. The uber exclusive Steven Sprouse x Louis Vuitton skateboards cost a whopping $8,250 and come with a wicked bad trunk. Released this week at Vuitton’s SoHo flagship store, the skateboards and associated merchandise are all covered in the trademark Stephen Sprouse graffiti seen on the Marc Jacobs collaborated bag back in 2001.

Jump through for the lowdown courtesy of WWD.

Louis Vuitton are honouring Stephen Sprouse like never before with the skateboard, transformation of the Greene Street store and three events including a party with Debbie Harry -a friend of Sprouse’s- at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.

Louis Vuitton’s North America president and chief executive officer Daniel Lalonde said: “SoHo is a special place for the entire launch of the Sprouse collection. It’s in the proximity of where Stephen Sprouse hung out, so we are going to give the entire store a Stephen Sprouse feel. It will have a lot of reminders of Stephen Sprouse. We will be giving it a new identity.”

All the proceeds are going to Free Arts NYC, which provides underserved children all over NYC with special arts programs. Louis Vuitton are also making an undisclosed donation to Sprouse Estate, as well as the Stephen Sprouse Memorial Scholarship Fund at the National Academy for Design in NYC.