Will Smith shows off winter chic at ‘Seven Pounds’ photocall

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Living up to the Brit reputation of talking about the weather this post is all about how ruddy freezing cold it is! With temperatures so low some offices are abandoning their dress codes and allowing staff to come in casual clothes Will Smith shows us how to stylishly do formal in winter.
Standing in front of the Brandenburger Tor in snowy Berlin for his latest film ‘Seven Pounds’ Will looks smart in a tweed jacket, checked knit and patterned tie. See after the jump for where you can pick up the look in the shops.

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Jil Sander’s tweed jacket is a sublime cut and great fabric and it’s reduced to £415 at Browns, but if that’s still too dear for you then forego the high street for a quality secondhand jacket. You’ll have to try on a good few examples until you find the correct fit and maybe enlist the help of a tailor or sew-savvy friend to make some adjustments but you can snap up a great piece like Rokit’s blue-grey jacket for only £25 and you can guarantee the fabric will be top notch.

A little tip, always check the fit from the shoulder, it’s the most complex part of a jacket, and the most difficult area to change. If the shoulders sit properly then after adjusting the sleeves or waist you should be able to get a perfect fit.

All Saints’ Jack waistcoat is reduced to a very reasonable £35 and will keep you toasty, alternatively hunt out some vintage long-sleeve Fair Isle knits if you really feel the cold. Perk up the look with a coloured tie in a muted but rich tone like burgundy or forest green to liven up the greys, add a thick scarf, gloves, a hat or even a balaclava if it’s particularly icy and you’re all set to brave the outdoors.