End of the road for Obedient Sons and Daughters?

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Obedient Sons and Daughters, one of the brands we were looking forward to at New York Fashion Week is closing due to problems with one of their major investors, who is said to be Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt.

The label, which started off as Obedient Sons and added the ‘Daughters’ after incorporating a women’s range is run by husband and wife Swaim and Christina Hutson but it wont be the last we’ll see of the duo. Obviously aware of impending troubles they’ve been designing a collection for a sibling venture which will show on the 14th February during fashion week. The new name will be revealed as the invitations are sent out, in the mean time take a look round the couple’s apartment courtesy of clebu-interiors porn site The Selby.

[Source, Image: The Selby]