Get Coolio a lap pillow for the Big Brother house, stat!

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coolio celebrity big brother lap pillow.jpg
Put that lap pillow in your MOUTH Coolio!

Coolio has come under fire in the Celebrity Big Brother house for being leery and aggressive, one of his latest stunts (aside from making people cry and describing women as ‘whores and bitches’) was to plonk his head on ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena‘s lap, prompting her to ask him if he wanted a pillow to which he replied: ‘No, I want to lay on your thigh.’ Nice.

Perhaps what he needs is some solitary confinement and some time alone with the lap pillow? The creepy pillow from Himeya retails at $68.99 and consists of a trim pair of legs encased in a bang on trend bodycon mini. Can we get the makers to send one into the BB house please?!

[Image: Mark St George/Rex Features ]