Presidential Major Moment = Red Tie, Obama follows suit

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barack obama inauguration red tie suit.jpg

I doubt I need to give any background to the ‘Presidential Major Moment’ currently hitting headlines around the world. Looking through pictures of President Obama’s (how unbelievably cool is that?!) inauguration, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder onto more sartorial matters. It struck me that while the new First Lady was rocking a very diplomatic Isabel Toledo (Cuban-born, American-based designer) outfit, Barack looked rather bland in his suit and red tie. But it appears that this outfit is a rather well-worn fashion formula…

george bush bill clinton senior w.jpgClick image to enlarge

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan wore the same outfit to meet Maggie Thatcher and Bill Clinton tried on a similar look to announce the end of the NATO bombing campaign in July 1999. Bush knew that the look would work well when meeting Salva Kiir, President of the Government of Southern Sudan, only 16 days ago!

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(Image Source: Bill Clinton- CONSOLIDATED NEWS/ Rex Features,Ronald Reagan- Rex Features, George Bush- Rex Features, Barack Obama- Sipa Press/ Rex Features)