Ryan O’Neal: Style icon?

Colin Chapman Heroes and Celebrities Leave a Comment

Continuing our (irregular) series of potential style icons, let’s consider Ryan O’Neal. Most likely to appear in the headlines now due to problems with his personal life, there was a time when Mr O’Neal had the world at his feet. Of course it helps being stunningly handsome, as he was, but there is something about his deadpan charm and (often) nerdy get ups.

A couple of faves stylewise: Paper Moon and What’s Up Doc?. The former is a hilarious and touching tale of reluctant fatherhood (ironically, starring real life troubled daughter Tatum O’Neal). O’Neal looks impeccable throughout in fantastic 30s suits, a super haircut and moustache. In What’s Up Doc?, he plays a nerdy professor type, working a bow tie and thick glasses combo with all the attitude of a DirtyDirtyDancing/Ponystep boy de jour. Go rent those DVDS, (and we didn’t even mention Love Story).