Seen on the street: battered brown shoes

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Now bear with me .. I know the observation seems a little random. But on a recent journey from Shoreditch to Soho it seemed that every hipster worth his money was wearing some form of brown shoe. There’s a lot of brogues out there, also a lot of battered deck shoes still hanging on (just) from summer. What unites them all (aside from battery) is the fact that they seem to be breaking the rule of black and brown not being seen together. Black trews/brown shoes used to be a fashion faux pas. But such rules are there to be broken. Alongside the rolled-up black jeans there’s also a lot of hip-hugging cords on show, navy or wine being a popular choice. Add a contrast, statement sock (mustard, anyone?) and there’s a veritable riot going on down there.

Perhaps the first in a line of “there”s a recession let’s rip our jeans”-type trends, the battered shoe, demonstrably a pre-2009 purchase, is out there to be seen. As for people wearing grubby white plimsolls in the midst of cold, WET January that’s just wrong – on a par with freezing to death in stilettos and skimpy top to prove how hard you are. Pass the Daktarin..

Image source: NDC, or try your recession-friendly thriftstore for beatup classics..