Male Models like Luke Worrall and Cole Mohr -Can We Ever Relate To Them?

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“Rake-thin, 12 year-old-looking, alien-eyed lady-boys”
– this is how one of my friends describes the male models of today. While I don’t quite agree with his overly-harsh and rather sweeping statement, I have to admit that there are times where the men plastered over magazines and high-fashion ad campaigns just seem completely out-of-touch.

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Before writing for Brandish, I was a guy who spent most of his time flicking through slideshows on and reading about 50 different fashion magazines each month. I know my Luke Worrall from my Cole Mohr and I’m embarrassingly knowledgeable when it comes to who’s fronting Dior Homme this season. I love the world of male modelling but I simply don’t think the average man can relate to the androgynous men of the current fashion industry. have just started a feature called ‘Model Hard:’ in which they pick “magical moments when a young man puts on a designer look and models the shit out of it.” Basically, they pick good-looking models from a fashion show and point out how good he looks in the designer outfit. Fashion wouldn’t function without those fab faces who DO manage to make any piece of clothing look like a sartorial masterpiece and this isn’t a size-zero bandwagon type of debate- my question is whether you think the male models of today are relateable and aspirational figures.

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