Been-there with beanie? Rethink in cashmere

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OK, so the slouchy beanie hat is hardly news, having been here since the days of Nirvana and worn by every self-respecting celeb as they venture out to get the milk after another all-nighter in Primrose Hill. But the beanie hat in a luxury textile casts the rock drummer’s hat of choice in an entirely new light.

Having experienced the ‘boyfriend beanie’ urge personally I can confirm its reality. Over brunch last weekend, I found myself positively lusting after a female neighbour’s oversized, super-cosy, cashmere beanie hat. But you really don’t have to nick one from a girlfriend, especially in these sales-friendly times. Sea island cotton and cashmere are the beanies of choice and don’t settle for a mix, we’re talking 100% luxury fibres here. There is a recession after all, chaps.

The beanie pictured above is from Coal Considered but you could also give Black a go as they both specialise in cashmere.