Make like an intrepid explorer by donning a pair of Daita Kimura boots

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daita kimura shoe snow farfetch.jpg
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While the whole Shiny Media team are safely ensconced at home I pity the poor souls who have actually had to drag their carcasses into work.
I wont be leaving the house for anything other than stocking up on Hob Nobs, but if you do have to brave the cold these boots would be perfect for an old-time intrepid explorer look. They’re £240 by Daita Kimura at Farfetch which is pretty pricey, but look like they would last you a lifetime.

Tuck your thick socks into your archaically befabricked trousers (I’m thinking waxed cotton or wool-lined leather), strap some tennis rackets to your feet and make like you’re off to conquer some peaks when in fact you’re only going to conquer a block of cheese via the shop next door. With your mouth.