Tuck into some Tuk top threads

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Sri Lanka, famous exporter of tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber (thanks Wikipedia) and now top quality shirts to your door. Tuk is a small venture from the sunny shores of Sri Lanka producing high quality check and floral print shirts, sourcing unique and high quality Sri Lankan fabrics and using ethical and local tailoring Tuk ensures the quality of their shirts. Fabric is bought in small quantities and each design is made in small runs meaning you’re unlikely to be walking down Oxford Street and see some other chump wear your threads (the Top Shop effect). All the designs are bright and colourful and the cut of the shirts slim making them perfect mod/indie boy staples. All the shirts come in at £55 with no extra for shipping- which is more than reasonable for a one off shirt.

Check out the Tuk-Shop website here or jump through to see my favourite pieces.

Raw Cotton Multi Colour Check Slim Fit Shirt– Colourful and awesome.postcard15d.jpg

Pink Waffle Check Slim Fit Shirt– Tighter waffle check but all the colours in the world!postcard14a_copy.jpg

Red/White/Black Bold Check Slim Fit Shirt– My personal favourite a tip of the hat to the Burberry Nova check.postcard13c_copy.jpg

By Jonathan Smith | February 3rd, 2009