‘Most stylish show on TV’ returns: Mad Men on BBC Four

Colin Chapman Entertainment Leave a Comment

Mad Men, the AMC series shown in the UK on BBC Four starts again next Tuesday, 10 February. Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, and extremely stylish show follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue in the early era of advertising, where egos run high and comments are as sharp as the cut of their suits.

Returning here for its second series, the Golden Globe-awarded series is a visual extravaganza: whilst the ladies outfits undoubtedly often steal the show the men are superlatively tailored and the early-60s upscale interiors come right out of Wallpaper magazine.

As the series edges towards the mid-60s we may even see a slight loosening of collars – I’ve already spotted a Boho-beard on copywriter Paul Kinsey. The cast have looked equally dapper at recent awards ceremonies (and there have been lots) – seen here is cast member Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove) at a celebration at Bloomingdales co-hosted by New York Times Style magazine.

Definitely one to set the record for .. or better still stay in and drink a few (ok, three) homemade martinis.

[Image: Wenn]