Seen on the street: old-school canvas rucksacks

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Sometimes online shopping can be as exhausting as a trudge round the real shops (remember them?) So whilst all the coolest backs in town seem to have an old-school canvas rucksack slung across them, tracking said item down online is more tricky. ASOS had the most perfect option by Cuckoo but are now out of stock. If like me you lack the patience to request a restock, what else is out there? Foregoing the sometimes-scary world of army surplus sites (gas mask anyone?) there are still some options online.

Nearest to the ideal is ‘The Wanderer‘ by Duluth. Rugged American heritage and a cute moose logo should satisfy the faux boy scout in anyone. Available from the manufacturer or here in the UK. Alternatives? American Apparel does them in loads of colours (of course) but lacking the leather straps and (despite the product name) they’re nylon. Bill Amberg’s Clipper comes in cute colours and Chapmans (no relation) ‘City’ rucksack is a posh option. Alternatively, try ransacking the local camping supplies shop or be brave and enter that army surplus warehouse.