Skins fashion details now available on-line!

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skins.jpgThe third episode of this season’s Skins is out this week and the series is already proving that the youthful fashion beacon has been passed onto a new cast. From the over-sized tees and shrunken dungarees of Freddie to the vintage sportswear worn with careful nonchalance by the fabulous Cook (on the right.) Channel 4 has launched a full on media campaign with the launch of a new season and this includes a weekly report from costume designer Edward K Gibbon.

Follow this link for the E4 website and see after the jump for the low-down on the style of the new Skins fellows.

(Image Source: Youtube)

Tall and model-handsome, Freddie seems to be the new Tony and with his skinny trousers, over-sized tunic tees and vintage accessories, the series’ hero is finding his way into the hearts of fashion types across the country!

Edward K Gibbon states on the Skins website that the “decision to combine the checks on the jacket with the bright geometric design of his t- shirt is something only (JJ) would do” and he couldn’t be more right. The mixture of these prints and very graphic t-shirts is resulting in JJ already catching many an eye and who could ignore his neon belts?!

Sex. Drugs. More sex. Vintage sportswear, trainers and grandpa slacks- that’s more like it! While he might not have the best morals, Cook has a chillaxed and casual approach to his look and his effortless attempts at street-style cool mean that he is always the centre of attention.