Men’s boutique of the week: A Butcher of Distinction

Colin Chapman Designer Spotlight Leave a Comment

With a prime spot on Dray Walk, A Butcher of Distinction provides a slice of the traditional in an area more known for the crowded, visual chaos that is Brick Lane. The boutique makes full use of the potential for irony in its name: shiny tiles, butcher block counters and clothes displayed on hooks.

In outlook, ABOD is a distant cousin of men’s outlets in New York such as Freemans and the Rugby boutique – places cherishing the idea of heritage but with a thoroughly honed, modern intent.

The upscale casual wear here includes rarities cherry-picked from Ralph Lauren’s various empires. The store also has a couple of in-house labels Rushmoor (notable for their Monty Don-esque workwear jackets) and more recently, Stansfield.

A particularly fine selection of shoes includes classic English brogues by Trickers, and more contemporary multi-hued options by Folk.

For the veggies among you who might be feeling squeamish at the shops theme, rest assured this doesn’t extend to being served by boys in blood-splattered butchers aprons.. though, personally I quite like that idea.

A Butcher Of Distinction – 11 Dray Walk, Spitalfields London E1 6QL