Mark Owen, style icon?

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Mum’s favourite Take That’er Mark Owen turned out for last nights Artists 11 exhibition for The Prostate Cancer Charity and bugger me bluntly from behind if he hasn’t dressed himself properly… again! It looks like age has seen off the leather waistcoats and this Mancunian flower has blossomed into a style icon, if a slightly soppy one at that. Since the 90’s uber group made its recent come back all members have been seen dressed with at least a modicum of style but Mark has risen above the rest every occasion the group ventures out into public often opting for a monochrome colour palette off set against his naturally sunny disposition.

Mockery aside Mark is yet to disappoint with a true classic style -double breasted jackets and heeled boots being regular points of interest- however the question remains as to whether the bands stylist is more to credit than the man himself. This said though until otherwise stated I’m willing to give Mark the benefit of the doubt after seeing the state of Gary Barlow and Jason Orange. Wow.

Take a jump through to get a blast from the past and see Take That in their heyday and a really quite passionate embrace between Robbie Williams and Mark Owen. You do want to see this by the way.

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