Add a stylish touch to your Spring break with a nostalgic titfer

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Given the dramatic changes in weather recently you may be thinking a sowester is your best option for cover, but once the sun breaks out, a hat looks like an essential accessory for SS09. Lanvin, naturally, have the most romantic and expensive options, available from Browns as well as their store. Wide brimmed fedoras come with ostentatious trimmings of ribbons, flowers or both. Perfect for channeling your inner Quentin Crisp, they also have an air of Brideshead about them, though you probably need a bit of confidence to carry it off comfortably. Suggest keeping the rest of your outfit simple – white shirt, classic shoes. More wearable might be a straw trilby, some great options available at Matches right now, team with a classic Fred Perry polo and flat-front trousers for the full Mod-ish rude-boy look. Finally, YSL‘s blue linen sailor hat will add 50s elegance to dark denims, stiped matelot and espadrilles – just make sure your holiday snaps are in black and white and pose by a Vespa scooter (if you’re not riding one yourself).

Top row: Lanvin from Browns
Bottom row: Straw trilby and YSL sailor hat from Matches