Wear your art on your ears: WESC’s artful headphones

Colin Chapman Lifestyle & Gadgets 4 Comments

WESC_headphones.jpgHeadphones are essential to life in London. How else can you survive bus journeys wedged in beside heavy breathing Giant Haystacks or avoid the life history of the mobile phone pest behind you?

Now your headphones can match not only your outfit but also that glorious podcast you’re listening to now that music is essentially free. I’m loving these nautical themed blue headphones (a collaboration between Brooklyn scenester Amy Gunther and artist Dennis Mcnett) by WESC who seem to have cornered the market in cute Fisher-Price looking headphones.

Suggest you go easy on the nautical accessorising though, or some wiseguy will inevitably be jeering “Hello sailor!” as you board the No. 55. Equally stunning are these chocolate-brown and zingy orange pair, also by WESC, apparently channelling “that era with beatniks and poetry reads”. Whoever knew that the world of headphones was so adventurous? Buy from here in the UK or from the much-prettier but Stateside 80s Purple.